Classified is redefining what bicycles can do with their truly groundbreaking shifting technology that replaces a traditional front derailleur, and turns 1x systems into a 2x. Classified’s Powershift system is taking the cycling world by storm.

The following wheelsets are available with the Powershift hub technology:

  • Classified CF R35 (all-round road wheelset)
  • Classified CF R50 (aero road wheelset)
  • Classified CF G19 (gravel wheelset)
  • Classified CF G30 (gravel wheelset)

The MSRP is $2,999 for each.

The Classified wheels are not available for online purchases.

To ensure the proper fitment to your bicycle and to qet a quote for dealer pricing under this special booking program, please contact dealer sales at (888) 905-8243, or