Northwave + Drake

32 Years of History

Most of you have seen the ups and downs of snowboarding, just like us. We’ve seen it all: mountains of events, competions, trips. There have been times it REALLY felt like we were in Vegas. Throughout all these years, with all these ups and downs, we’ve seen one consinst aspect: development.

No matter the era, we have always believed in making a product that would be better and new each year. This is because our love for snowboarding has never had an “up or down” period. It has always been present, persistent and reinvigorating. Our passion and drive has always been true. We’ve never thought about giving up.

We are very proud to say that we have always been here, even throughout these ups and downs, like a relationship, a marriage. Like true love. When it’s pure and true, it can’t be given up on. We work on it and we keep making it stronger and better. And we ain’t going anywhere.