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An investment with a guaranteed return!

Diamond Dealer

Wouldn't it be nice if your e-bike supplier actually guaranteed your gross margin on sales? Become a Diamond Dealer with Troxus Powered by Lucidity and you can be assured that when you invest in inventory, you will not be undersold by our direct to consumer sales efforts. If we lower a price for a Troxus model online, we will guarantee your gross margin will be maintained keeping your investment safe.

Become a Troxus Diamond Dealer and be assured of the following:

  • Guaranteed gross margin*
  • Guaranteed best price in all channels of trade
  • Free freight on initial order
  • Free freight on 6+ bikes
  • Protected dealership territories - radius depends on commitment and population density
  • Geo targeted digital add spend to drive traffic to your store
  • All direct to consumer sales are routed to your store - radius based on commitment and population density
  • Extended payment terms on approved credit.

*Please speak to a Lucidity representative for details.

Not ready for diamond dealer?

No Problem! You Can Try Before You Buy.

You test drive a car before you buy it. You date before you get married. Why shouldn't you be able to try a line of e-bikes before you tie up working capital in a new e-bike line?

Try Before You Buy provides you the opportunity to bring the Troxus Powered by Lucidity line of product in to your store for 3 months. If at the end of the 3 months you are not completely satisfied, return the bikes and you owe nothing. We are sure that after working with the product for 90 days, you will appreciate the quality, service, and support Troxus brings to its dealership partners.

  • Order up to 6 floor samples of different models with absolutely no cost and no obligation on your part. (On approved credit).
  • Sell off these 6 samples for 3 months.
  • Pay for the bikes as you sell/ and or reorder them.
  • Whatever you have in stock at the end of 3 months you have the option of buying or returning (as long as they are in like new condition and returned in original packaging)
  • We supply geo targeted advertising driving consumer to your store.
  • You have NO inventory risk, you can return it at any time.
  • We pay the freight on your initial order and 100% on subsequent orders on 6+ units
  • Regardless of our online price, we guarantee you a minimum of 25% GM.
  • Convert to Diamond Dealer at any time by purchasing your on hand inventory.